How to Take Care of Curly Baby Girl Hair in the Winter

When it comes to hair care during the winter, Baby Girl Hair Accessories is not going to solve all your baby hair problems as it did in the summer. In the winter months, you have to take extra care of your baby girl’s hair in order to protect it from the harsh elements and keep it healthy. During the winter, the air is drier than usual, there’s cold and humidity and a bunch of other things you need to protect the hair against – especially curly hair. The below tips will get you started on your winter hair routine and keep your child’s hair healthy as you use your Baby Girl Hair Accessories.

Cover the Hair with Baby Girl Hair Accessories for Night Time


Physically covering your child’s hair, especially at night will help to protect it from having extra frizz and from breakage. There are baby girl hair accessories like bonnets and nighttime beanies that you can buy that will help with this. The hair will stay in place at night when it’s covered and also covering will limit its exposure to the harsh winter elements. Also, it is important to not leave the hair wet or go outside with wet hair. When you wash, dry it immediately. (More on washing later)

Use Leave in Products

In the winter months, leave in products are the most helpful kind of they stay on the hair all day or all night and provide treatment and protection. Also when you are indoors all day because of the cold, it’s a good time to apply some hair treatments to your babies hair. Use hair mayonnaise, coconut oil, and other treatments at least once a week to keep the hair healthy and moisturized and to pamper the curls.

Keep the Hair Hydrated

It is important to always keep your kids hydrated and have them drink water all the time. It is even more important to stay hydrated in the winter and make sure you kid stay hydrated. Because of the cold, the kids won’t feel thirsty as often and might forget to drink any water. Staying hydrated help’s keep their hair healthy.

Maintain the Right Diet

In addition to staying hydrated, maintaining the right diet during winter will help keep hair healthy. Make sure your kids eat all their vegetable and fruits. Also, you could create a winter menu and make sure you stick to it. SOme foods that contribute to healthy hair are: kale, chia seeds, eggs, salmon, almonds, quinoa, broccoli, and some beans.

Have a Winter Hair Care Routine

Some of the points mentioned should be part of your hair care routine for your kids. Thing like a weekly deep conditioning treatment, using hair oils, washing the hair at certain times etc should be part of your winter hair care routine. Write it down if needed so your kid knows what to and knows that there is no wiggle room. This will help you make sure the hair is always well taken care of and that it has moisture at all times.

Reduce Washing

Washing your child’s hair too often strips the hair of its oils and makes it dry. This is and made even worse in the winter months. Reduce the washing to maybe once a week or twice a week if needed. But do not wash the hair as this will make the hair dry and frizzy and it might even cause hair breakage.

Steaming the Hair

steaming the hair should also be part of your winter hair routine for your child. Steaming and deep conditioning will help to keep the hair vibrant and will make sure each strand get healthy and retains all the nutrients. You could get a home humidifier to do it yourself or you could take a trip to the salon every two weeks or once a month to get the hair steamed.

Wash Hair with Lukewarm Water

It might be tempting to wash your kid’s hair with hot water since the weather is cold but this is a bad idea. You also can’t use cold water as it’ll be too cold and just uncomfortable. The best temperature of water to use is lukewarm water. Hot water would weaken the hair strands and can cause hair breakage. That’s why lukewarm water is the best choice. After washing, wrap the hair in a towel and start your post-wash hair care routine. Also, do not dry the hair with high heat. Set the heat of the dryer to medium or low and dry the hair while brushing gently. If the hair is very full and fluffy, break into sections and comb each individual section. Sectioning the hair also makes it easier to apply the hair oils and products and treatment. Make sure the hair oils and hair products reach all parts of the hair and every strand. Comb out any tangles hair and trim it if needed.